S4:E56 – Mark Moss - Winning the Battle for the Future with Markets & Prosperity (The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation)

1 year ago

On January 20, 2023, Mark Moss spoke at The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation on Day 3: Agorism and Parallel Networks.



Mark Moss is the host of the Mark Moss Show, founder of Market Disruptors and Co-Author of the new best selling book The UnCommunist Manifesto. Mark’s shows reach an audience of over 2 million people per month on the topics of Bitcoin, Macro Economics, Geo Politics, Freedom, and Common Sense. His use of history for perspective makes complex subject easy to understand and actionable. Market Disruptors produces educational and training content to help people Build, Grow and Protect their wealth and Personal Sovereignty in a rapidly changing world.