S4:E89 – Jason Christoff - Ancient Black Magic Mind Control In Our Modern Time (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Jason Christoff spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Jason Christoff breaks down some real life examples of media/government mind control in our modern time, what the primary end goals are and how to make 2024 your best year yet.

Jason Christoff runs an international overcoming self sabotage and psychological reprogramming institute where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation. Jason’s students then use their knowledge in these areas to help reprogram their clients into better versions of themselves on all levels. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years Jason believes that each citizen must understand these processes, as to protect themselves from future psychological operations.

Follow Jason: https://courses.jchristoff.com/

S4:E88 – Carey Wedler - Save the World: Stop Paying Attention (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Carey Wedler spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Former independent journalist Carey Wedler explores the dark side of "waking up" and the seemingly paradoxical power of disengaging from finding "the truth" in our journeys toward consciousness and freedom.

Carey Wedler is a content creator who focuses on breaking through authoritarian programming to promote peace, freedom, decentralization, and the evolution of consciousness. She previously worked as a journalist and editor-in-chief for the now-banned Anti-Media, an independent news organization. She takes special interest in the intersection of spirituality, self-ownership, and anarchism as a path forward for humanity.

Follow Carey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs84giQmEVI8NXXg78Fvk2g

S4:E87 – Miriam Gomez - Manifestation - The Process of Liberation (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Miriam Gomez spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Miriam is an artist, entrepreneur, permaculturist and activist. She started practicing meditation in 2013 and since then has now led over 150 guided group meditations through MedMob (a world flash mob meditation action network), as part of the Conscious Resistance 2017, 2018 and 2021 tours across the US, and in her communities in Houston, TX. During her latest tour, The Activation Tour, she recognized the desire in the Freedom Cell Network (FCN) to meditate together and has since created and led the FCN Meditations initiative. Many teachers and healers in the network have stepped up to lead the meditations and now the network is coming together in a different way than before… to strengthen the mind and heart connection as we collectively work towards facing our greatest challenges and achieving the greatest transformation humanity has gone through – creating a more free and just world.

Miriam is also a co-founder of the Conscious Agora. Along with her partner Derrick Broze, she is creating a network of communities built by free human beings living free of coercion, force and violence. Miriam also recognizes animals as free beings that deserve to live free of coercion, force and violence and has been a co-founder of the Vegans For Freedom and Vegans Against Agenda 2030 initiative.

Join Miriam and her sister for their Women's Tour, My Sis Rising: https://mysisrising.com/

S4:E86 – Luis Fernando Mises - Liberate Your SELF Through Breathwork (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Luis Fernando Mises spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Luis Fernando is the principal of Emancipated Human LLC. He has vision to be present and empower people and has been doing that for over a dozen years. He has been developing servant leadership programs for over a decade and has been internationally recognized as a leader in designing interactive curriculum and growing leaderful cultures. He believes in long-term client relationships, since the only way to sustain a servant leadership culture is to continue growing it. Luis enjoyed a ten-year mentorship with Ann McGee-Cooper, who in turned were mentored by Robert K. Greenleaf, the originator of current servant leadership principles. Luis has worked with companies that have been recognized within the top ten in Fortunes Best 100 Companies to Work for in America.

Learn more: https://emancipatedhuman.com/

S4:E85 – Antony Sammeroff - How Pharma Money Manipulates & Monopolises Institutions (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Antony Sammeroff spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Antony Sammeroff is a psychotherapist and economics journalist known for the book Universal Basic Income – For and Against. Antony has been writing on the pharmaceutical industry and the corrupt economics of healthcare for years. You can download his free eBook 7 Big Pharma Myths Debunked from 7pharmamyths.com.

S4:E84 – Iluminati Congo - Easy Psychedelic Breathing (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Illuminati Congo presented at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Illuminati Congo is a Chicago-based one-of-a-kind project melding hip hop aesthetic with reggae consciousness, imagined and realized by visionary frontman Jahn Da Baptist and backed by production created by Nic the Graduate. The last decade has seen few emcees as prolific and dynamic in lyrical content as Jahn Da Baptist. From cripture imbibed songs like “Shiva Smokin’” to odes about physical immortality on “Eternal Life” to songs celebrating “Bike Ridin’” to the comedic admonishment of “ILLiterate,” Illuminati Congo covers major territory. Jahn’s lyrical dynamism is well complimented by Nic The Graduate’s spectral production, which borrows from hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk and electronic strands.

Learn more: https://illuminaticongo.com/

S4:E83 – Bodreay Fraser - A New Paradigm of Health and Empowerment (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

On January 17th, 2024, Bodreay Fraser spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

BoDreay Fraser is the Creator of iHealCollective, a conscious health community that aims to brings together diverse practitioners from all modalities and walks of life, to offer patients a variety of healing modalities . From Ancient Techniques to innovative technologies that are interconnected in aiding one’s wholistic healing journey bringing into alignment and reconnecting physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body. Her aim is to create a place to educate people so they are empowered and have the ability advocate for their own health while understanding how to extend longevity, while preventing disease and injury.

Learn more: https://www.ihealcollective.com/

S4:E82 – Announcing The Evolution of The Greater Reset!

Derrick Broze, co-founder of The Greater Reset Activation, shares his thoughts on The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation in Morelia, Mexico, and shares what's next for the solutions-focused movement known as The Greater Reset.

Learn more about The Greater Reset: https://thegreaterreset.org

Watch The Greater Reset Activation 1-5: https://odysee.com/@TheGreaterReset:4

S4:E81 – The Freedom Cell Network presents The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation

Join us in Morelia, Mexico from January 17-21, 2024 as we create the better world we know is possible!

Tune in online for FREE or attend in person to witness more than 40 presenters and performers sharing solutions in the areas of mental, physical, & spiritual health; Permaculture & Food Independence; Parallel Systems; Decentralized Tech; and Building Free & Conscious Communities.

Get your tickets now for only $200 USD and join The People's Reset: https://thegreaterreset.org/morelia

Together, we are building the 2030 of our dreams. We are building a world which respects individual liberty and bodily autonomy.

S4:E80 – PANEL: Building Community in Tumultuous Times (The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation)

On January 22, 2023, Mariano Goren, Dr. Lydia, and Arturo Ponce de Leon, Rebecca Bush, Nomad Brad, and Ash Wiecek participated in a panel titled "Building Community in Tumultuous Times" at The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation on Day 5: Building Free and Conscious Communities.