S4:E93 – Sean Hawkins - The Power of Mushrooms (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

1 month ago

On January 18th, 2024, Sean Hawkins spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 2: Permaculture & Food Independence.

Sean Hawkins is a Mushroom grower, Soil Smith, teacher & student of regenerative agriculture, and citizen scientist.

Owner of Cultivated Mind, a wellness based mycology & herbal focused company. We grow and source the highest quality organic mushrooms and herbs to provide the purest extracts possible.

Our Vision of a Regenerative Future:

Our dedication to educate and create decentralized food systems is foundational in our hearts. We will change the system together by empowering others to build their own and grow their local farming communities. This will intern enlighten new stewards of the Earth to go beyond just sustainable, but Regenerative! Simply by growing mushrooms you are creating new soil, remediating toxins, and starting new diverse microbiomes right in your local environment.