S4:E76 – Alma Barajas-Alcalá - Soil & the Relationship with the Perpetual Cycle of Transformation in Communities (The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation)

1 year ago

On January 22, 2023, Alma Barajas-Alcalá spoke at The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation on Day 5: Building Free and Conscious Communities.


Alma Barajas is a geobiologist with a specialization in soil science. She loves to learn, respecting Mother Earth, promoting bio-construction projects, and ecological alternatives in the home. A significant contribution of Ms. Barajas in Mexico was to develop a soil model which enables sustainable cultivation of coffee in Oaxaca and avocados in Michoacán. She believes we can build eco-communities that integrate all aspects of being – the soul, knowledge, and human freedom.