S4:E29 – Taking Initiative, or, How We Got a Town Talking About Freedom Cells (The Greater Reset 3: Integration)

1 year ago

On January 30, 2022, Ale and Lukas spoke at The Greater Reset 3: Integration on Day 5: Building Free & Conscious Communities.

Having the mental groundwork ready, Ale and Lukas made the move out of routine city-life in Vienna, Austria, for a more authentic life built around personal freedom, peace and consciousness and came to Mexico in 2020 – Ale’s country of origin. Inspired by ‘The Greater Reset’ in Zihua, they are taking the activation aspect to their hearts, and have been exploring Mexico to connect with freedom-oriented communities and individuals. In Tepoztlán they are taking initiative, and their efforts helped ignite the Freedom Cells movement through networking in the music, permaculture and bioconstruction scenes, as well as helping integrate newcomers to Mexico. They are also active advocates for animal rights and see the connection to free other earthlings to achieve human liberation.

Freedom Cells Tepoztlan: https://t.me/freedomcelltepoz