S4:E86 – Luis Fernando Mises - Liberate Your SELF Through Breathwork (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

3 months ago

On January 17th, 2024, Luis Fernando Mises spoke at The Greater Reset 5, for Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Luis Fernando is the principal of Emancipated Human LLC. He has vision to be present and empower people and has been doing that for over a dozen years. He has been developing servant leadership programs for over a decade and has been internationally recognized as a leader in designing interactive curriculum and growing leaderful cultures. He believes in long-term client relationships, since the only way to sustain a servant leadership culture is to continue growing it. Luis enjoyed a ten-year mentorship with Ann McGee-Cooper, who in turned were mentored by Robert K. Greenleaf, the originator of current servant leadership principles. Luis has worked with companies that have been recognized within the top ten in Fortunes Best 100 Companies to Work for in America.

Learn more: https://emancipatedhuman.com/