S4:E95 – Jim Gale - Together We Win! (The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation)

1 month ago

On January 18, 2024, Jim Gale spoke at The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation for Day 2: Permaculture & Food Independence.

Jim is an outdoor enthusiast, entrepreneur, permaculture expert, financial expert, husband, father, and friend.

A 4-time All American and National Champion wrestler, Jim has excelled at pursuing his goals with fervor and passion in part through his practice of inspired visioning and meditation.

Jim has spent his adult life exploring, he backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, experienced Island life in Hawaii for a time all learning about cultures and fine tuning his interests.

At 29, he set new goals starting with “to be retired in 3 years,” and then created a billion dollar mortgage company in three years helping him accomplish that life goal.

Following the achievement of his mortgage success, he bought a boat and lived on the ocean for a year, then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. This was a life-changing experience, the A-HA moment where he set a new mission to bring this concept to every household in the world. And voila, Food Forest Abundance was born.

Jim is a sought-after motivational speaker who discusses self-reliance, entrepreneurship, food independence/supplies, sovereignty, and a ‘grow freedom’ mindset.